When God wanted to create what-so-called human being, there was a huge protest among the previous creatures. Even angels asked why did God created such a useless creature, ones that would only bring disasters and deformity.

Today I truly understand why they asked such question. We are definitely selfish and tend not to use our brain properly.

Sometimes, to be able to comprehend why things happen, we just have to wait patiently until the ending, so that eventually we will say: "So this is the reason ..." Our foolness and insanity sometimes wrap us tightly that they blind us from other sides. There is no way for human to feel regret until the end, when things finally broken and shuttered.

Human is unpredictable. Once you thought that you know them, you can be sure that you are absolutely wrong. It is written that we can never know the inside of man. God never give us such talent, but those who given strengths.

Naturelement, it is only to God we can rely on. Human is fragile, nothing on man can be used as our place to step up. Nothing ... but still the same mistake always happen over and over again.

Sometimes, God has just to punish us to show the real meaning behind all.

Sentiment est une chose estrange .. l'emotion est une autre chose ...
Quand ils se reuniont, c'est la consequence ..

Blesser ...

Je ne peux pas expliquer cette situation. Ce que je veux? sais pas ...

je veux une chose, regardez-moi .. regardez moi et comprenez-moi, s'il vous plait.

vous devez comprendre, une coeur de la femme. tres fragile ..

tout est complique .. je veux revenir a des jours avant.

quand les temps semblait plus facile.

et tu m'aime encore ...