One of my friend at school (school where I teach now), well she was teaching at school (she has moved to Bogor) asked her former students to write about their school teachers. She inspired me to write about my own teacher.

My first unforgettable teacher was Mrs. Anny at elementary school. She taught me at 5th and 6th grade. She was special for me because she is really different with my other teachers. For a teacher at that time (1980s), she was genuine. She taught many things that still peculiar at that time. I cannot recall every single thing she taught, but one word for her is : sophisticate!!

One thing I most remember about her appearance was that she always wore a pair of skin-color thighs. When I was that age (9/10 years old) it was quite odd to see a woman with thigh cause it is usually worn by "popular woman" (if you understand what I mean).

Mrs. Anny was the one who told me to improve my English. It was also strange to me, because at that time I did not know that the English I learned from my mother would be something valuable for me in the future.

Mrs. Anny was my teacher. I said was because she already passed away in 1992 (if I am not mistaken) when I was in junior high. She died because of the brain-cancer after previously left by her husband (for the same disease). I was touched when I came to pay my last respect for her. Not only because of her disappearance, but also because she apparently lived in a very shabby (sorry to say) house. How I had to sigh to see it.

My second outstanding teacher is Mrs. Yoyoh at junior high school. She taught Sundanese which is only given 2 hours a week, but she is more popular than math or science teacher. She was popular because she was severe. There was no bad kid in my school who was not scare of her. She liked to punch the bad kid and yelled at him or her.

I only taught by Mrs. Yoyoh on my last year. But it was a very unforgettable year. She often told us tales, which made us LOL (a really laughter out loud). But don't try to be undiscipline or she would punish you. I, myself was slapped by her when I forgot to wear my hat on ceremony day.

I like Mrs. Yoyoh not only because of her stories, but also because I always get 9 for my sundanese. Of course that was because my ability, not because her slap on my cheek ...

My favorite teacher in senior high school was the one and only Mr. Bimo Prakoso. He taught chemistry (big surprise, huh?). I was charmed by his brightness (he is totally smart!!) so I learned hard for chemistry. It is extremely a MUST to like the teacher to be able to master the knowledge .. I have proven that ...

Mr. Bimo was an ordinary man (in appearance) but very extraordinary in science and knowledge. When he talked, no one would say or look other way but to listen to him carefully. He was a magnet. He was our clown (coz all of his stories are funny - guaranteed). He was like encyclopedia (coz all of his knowledges made us all stunned).

Unfortunately, Mr. Bimo was no longer with us. He only taught us 1 or 2 years. But still, he is one of the brightest person I ever seen in my life.

In the university, unlike other friends, I adore a severe lecturer. She was hated by many persons because of her cruelty. She was Madame Oom. I could not tell you here how a lot of my friends hated her because of something that I also could not tell here. What I'm gonna tell you is her special thing that made me admire her.

Like you already knew (maybe) I really give a big respect to those who have vast knowledge. Mme. Oom is one of them. She is really bright. Totally smart, and I like the way she conduct the teaching situation, although sometimes she was annoying .. upps!!

Those people I write here are the most unforgettable teachers in my life. It does not mean that I ignore the others, but you see, to be remembered by your students, you must be unique, fresh and extraordinary.

I am a teacher now. I just hope that one day one or two of my students (hopefully all .. hehe) will remember me as I remember my former teachers now.

The question is:
Will they remember me as unforgettable teacher in positive or negative mean?

Haha ..

There are two big things that I thought about lately. One, is the announcement for S2 in UPI (which I hope for so much), and two, is two months-late of my period which led to a test pack (which made my heart beating faster). fiuuuh ...

There is one thing I want to buy, badly. That is books (which you all may figured out). After several times I manage and re-manage my bookshelves, I came to a conclusion that I do, running out new books to read.

There is one thing I must do as soon as possible. This might be everybody's nightmare (at work), that is : making book or module. Arrrgh ...

There is one kind of food I will eat for lunch. One of them is fruit salad or 'rujak', this is maybe due to the late of my "period" (or maybe this is just my imagination; coz like it or not, I always eat ... )